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United States workforce conundrums are prevalent in our post pandemic economy. It’s realized from the business manager and employee perspectives. A bad boss contaminates workplaces creating a violent politeness, subculture of disengaged, disgruntled, stressed-out employees resulting in a failed or strained workspace. Additionally, economic externalities have CEOs looking to nearshore to cut cost as a solution to bottom-line achievements and productive managerial outcomes. These business realities point to the question ‘where are the good jobs?


About the Founder

Hello to our potential clients, the curious and competitors,

BIO: I’m Clyde. A native NY'er born in the South Bronx, NYC. I’m a NYPD and USAF veteran. My academic pursuits allow me to leverage my experiences to explore my passion of the study of human behavior and motivations to bring effective social change to dysfunctionality within government entities, businesses, and organizations in general. I’ve earned my master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from UT Arlington and was accepted into the Doctoral PhD program in Public Policy Administration (geopolitics). My personal knowledge of criminogenesis, the criminal justice system (CJS) goes beyond academics to includes decades of street patrols, arrests, criminal investigations, interrogations, evidence collection and grand jury testimony including a first responder to the 911 WTC attack. I’d argue that ignoring social mores and constructs, and that bullying, retaliation, and corruption are the result of complex and inextricable aspects of the human psyche making the reform of deleterious bureaucrats, inept leadership, and philosophies a challenge.

EXPERTISE: Our business plan, design, and pricing structure focus on the small business owner (SBO) with workspace infighting and our specific problem-solving processes - not the typical consulting industry one size fit all approach. Our transformational solutions are sensitive to client’s workspace pain points and budget. We collaborate to arrange for data gathering and a phenomenology approach. Industry research finds that workspace people-problems often reflect people exhibiting undiagnosed clinical and subclinical personality traits, qualities, tendencies or even pathologies. Many of these undiagnosed behaviors are pervasive and ignored to include but not limited to the formation of mutual admiration societies, workspace cliques, informal authorities, narcissistic, or sociopathic behaviors. We work with our clients to address these workspace behavioral anomalies recognizing them as sources of personnel conflict, inept policies, and poor management performance outcomes. We offer pragmatic solution to workspace disharmony, dysfunctionality, vague non-verbal policy, and bad business practices.  


PRAXIS: Many SBOs realize the ramifications of these deleterious behaviors as they tackle high turnover rates, absenteeism, presenteeism, high employee healthcare costs, and even frivolous litigation. The consequences of which are not meeting the bottom line, mission creep, group think, éminence grise, and parochial outlook. Our analysts will offer pragmatic solutions explaining what the statistical data revealed in an easy-to-understand manner. So that c-suite decision-makers, managers, and front-line employees can make informed decisions on what change needs to be made to address workspace pain points and interactions. Clients will be active participants throughout the entire process. Our report will provide clients with objective assessments of complex manager-worker interactions gleaned from asynchronist and/or synchronist data analyses. The report will highlight poor policies, right-fit personnel placement, and skill-set deficiency issues to enhanced management performance outcomes. We also offer an easy to read, basic non-technical self-paced book on Amazon: Executive Management Resolutions: “facing your 800 lbs. Gorilla” in the room. 

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