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A inept boss can contaminate a workplace creating a violent politeness subculture of disengaged, disgruntled, stressed-out employees resulting in a failed or strained work place. Deleterious policies create dysfunctionality within the work force blurring the vision of small business owners, decision makers and workplace.


About the Founder

Hello to our potential clients, the curious and even competitors,


Bio: My name is Clyde, the founder of Knight and Associates Consulting LLC. I am a retired police officer (LEO), a 20-year veteran. I began transitioning this company from the drawing board to incorporation back in 2017 – 2019. I matriculated in University of Texas (UTA) as a criminologist earning my master’s degree in the study of human behaviors and motivations. UTA accepted me into their Urban and Public Administration PhD program on leadership behaviors within corporate entities or government agencies with a focus on organization theory, responsibilities to constituents, managers, and frontline workers. Our vision is to assist struggling organizations to promote a workspace where no matter how one self-identifies, they will have a workspace where they can be their best and still be themselves. Where diversity of thought, skill sets, and business acumen germane to a client’s business is valued.

Expertise: We are a specialized consultancy offering help to SBOs and boutiques shops to understand our analytical and problem-solving processes. Our transformational solutions are sensitive to their business workspace pain points. We begin by collaborating with our client’s POC person to arrange for data gathering and a phenomenology approach. Many researchers find the personnel problems within a workspace are comprised of people exhibiting undiagnosed clinical and subclinical personality traits, qualities or tendencies. Many of these undiagnosed traits, qualities or tendencies are pervasive in our modern day society and include but not limited to mutual admiration societies, social & office cliques, informal authorities, narcissistic, sociopathic behaviors commonly recognized by us as a ‘troublemaker’ or worst. Our business model focuses on workspace anomalies as potential sources of personnel conflict, inept policies, and poor management performance outcomes. Our analysts focus on sources which cultivate disharmony, dysfunctionality, vague non-verbal policy and dysfunctional or bad business practices.  


Praxsis: Clients often realize these deleterious activities as they tackle high turnover rates, absenteeisms, presenteeism, high employee healthcare costs, and even frivolous litigation. And at the end of the day profits are down, mission creep is prevalent, and corporate decision-making processes are wrongly influenced by group think, éminence grise, and parochial outlook. Our analysts will offer pragmatic solutions explaining what the statistical data revealed in an easy-to-understand manner. So, that you can the make informed decisions on what changes you need to make or can begin to implement to address workspace pain points and interactions among c-suit decision-makers, managers, and front-line employees. Our report will provide you with accurate and objective assessments of complex interactions gleaned from asynchronist and/or synchronist analyses of data gathered to better understand our client’s people problems, poor policies issues, right-fit placement to enhanced management performance outcomes.

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Productized Transformational Solutions


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