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Management Consultants

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We're a veteran (TVC) owned company providing real solutions to workplace problems at affordable prices. In a 2014 psychology study by Hogan, et al., “75% of employees claimed that the boss is the most stressful aspect of their workday." A Gallup study found this view to be as high as 82%. In a June 2022 Forrester study, of 1,207 employees, 500 HR and C-Suit managers, researchers found that about 85% of managers claim to actively listens to employee’s mental health issues promoting work-life balance. About 49% of employees of the study disagree fearing repercussions for disclosing mental health challenges including job loss.


When it comes to workplace stability and mental health support manager’s opinions varied: 74% claim employees expect too much; 71% say it’s too costly; 69% say should not be a priority. Currently, researchers attempt to quantify the implications of COVID-19 on the workforce according to PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2021 APA. In summary mental health support is critical for employee engagement. We offer pragmatic analyses of workplace dysfunctionality related management and policies. We believe that "however one self-identifies that they should have a workspace where they can be their best and still be themselves."

What is a Business Consultation

Our business model is geared to guiding client's normal business operations to include helping owners of SME’s to better understand workplace settings that cultivate abuse, bullying, fear and limits freedom of thought, creativity, and corporate sustainability.​

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