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Business People Talking

We believe, and research shows that in-person interviews as the measure of hire-ability to be antiquated, time consuming, subjective, and an ineffective measure of employability. Our alternative ‘Right-Fit’ placement saves man-hours and reduces the influences of éminence grise, and presuppositions. It lessens onboarding dropout rates. Our approach is comprised of job simulations, a seven-point criterion which identifies the qualities germane to workspace needs. 

Mission and Vision


We help SMEs create workspace through policy, culture, reputation, best practices and the mantra – “a happy worker is a productive worker.”


Our vision for our business reflects our beliefs in a productive workspace where however one self-identifies they can be their best and still be themselves. Diversity of thought, skillset, training, acumen germane to our company’s success is what matters.

Business Model


Mission * Truth to power * True presence

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